Treat A Day Parcel for Dogs – 30 days of treats


Our Treat A Day Parcel contains 30 healthy vegan treats for your dog.



Our Treat A Day Parcel contains:

  • 3x Cheese & Tomato Straws
  • 3x Fruit & Veg Straws
  • 3x Veggie Twisted Sticks
  • 3x Flavour Filled Twist Sticks
  • 3x Veggie Twisted Tubes
  • 3x Nubby Bones
  • 3x Fruit & Veg Star Sticks – Medium
  • 3x Vegetarian Star Sticks – Medium
  • 1x Peanut Butter Crocodile – Medium
  • 1x Green Dental Crocodile – Medium
  • 1x Peanut Butter Filled Antler
  • 1x Veggie Filled Antler
  • 1x Pumpkin & Carrot Bone
  • 1x Nutri-Bone


With the added bonus of being packaging free, these treats are both good for your dog and the environment.

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