Brand Ambassador Application

Brand Ambassador Application

We are ready to add some new, furry faces to the Eco Pet Parcel team.

We are looking for Accounts with engaging dog and related eco-friendly lifestyle content that post and interact often. We’re all about an aesthetic feed/ photos, so they’re a must! Number of followers, breed, or size doesn’t matter.

Chosen ambassadors will receive

💚 A personal discount code
💚 10% code to share with friends
💚 Early access to new products/collections
💚 Chance to be featured on our feed and website
💚 Freebies/new products in your orders
💚 Regular account reviews with improved incentives for good performance e.g. larger discount code, more freebies. This could eventually lead to a commissions based model 👍
💚 Help us name, create, and brainstorm new products
💚 Access to the best group chat


🐶 Share our eco-friendly vision
🐶 Create one collaborative post/reel per week (including your rep code)
🐶 Create one story per week (including your rep code)
🐶 Put your ambassador code in your bio, link or highlights
🐶 Engage with other ambassadors content (like, save and comment)
🐶 Be UK based

Every application is read and we love learning about you and your hoomans. We are beyond grateful for your support and cannot wait to see all of the cute faces that apply.

With thanks,
Eco Pet Parcel 💚