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Here at Eco Pet Parcel we have two priorities: your pet and the environment. For transparency, we think it is right for us to share how we are operating, so that you know what we’re doing to continue earning the Eco in our name. 


It is important for us to get our products to you safely and securely but at minimal cost to the environment. We have carefully considered all elements of our packaging. Our products come in recyclable cardboard boxes. We use recyclable paper Kraft tape and fill our boxes with wood wool. Wood wool is made from shredded timber which is naturally dried. Not only is wood wool biodegradable but is also light which is important as it keeps the weight of your parcel down. Lighter parcels mean less carbon emissions as less fuel will be required to transport your parcel. To be even more environmentally friendly consider reusing the packaging we send to you, maybe for a gift.

The packaging we use to create our parcels


Before stocking products from a new supplier we check their eco credentials. It is important that their goals align with our own. We also like to support other local small businesses. Shopping locally reduces carbon emissions, as products aren’t being shipped as far, and this also helps to reduce our overall carbon footprint and yours. The locations of our three main suppliers can be seen below:

Miro & Makauri – Sussex

Green & Wilds – Chippenham

The Dog and i – Weymouth

map linking our three suppliers
Map linking our three main suppliers (all in the UK)


We pride ourselves on choosing high quality products which are also environmentally friendly. We know all of our products inside out. Our Fallow Antler Chews are responsibly and sustainably sourced from Red Deer or Fallow Deer. They are of the highest quality Grade A and AA only. You will only find antler chews on our website which are traceable and have been naturally shed, many here in the UK in the highlands of Scotland. Our Super Salmon Oil and Fish Nibbles with Salmon are made from salmon sourced responsibly and sustainably. Our Super Salmon Oil is of amazing quality and is actually human Grade A standard. Some of our toys, for example, Barry the Banana are made from suede which is a by-product of another manufacturing process, this helps to reduce waste. Barry the Banana is also 100% biodegradable.


Shopping with the environment in mind has never been easier, on our website you can sort our products by their Eco Credentials. Our current sub-categories include: biodegradable, non-toxic, packaging-free, palm oil-free, paraben-free, recyclable, renewable, responsibly sourced, silicone-free, SLS-free and sustainable. We study all of our products carefully and categorise them by their environmental impact. We are constantly updating the website and categories. If there is a new category you’d like to see added please let us know.

Products Categories
Categories can be found on the left sidebar of the shop and are helpful for navigation

We are doing our very best at Eco Pet Parcel to be green and are continually striving to be greener. We have recently introduced a clearance section to our website so that products which do not meet our high standards are not wasted. If we see potential for our suppliers to improve their operations or products we are making suggestions to them. It is important to remember that being greener is not a witch-hunt. Being greener is about us all making the changes we are able to and helping each other to be more eco aware. Nobody and no company is perfect but hopefully our hard work means you can shop for your pet with a clearer eco conscious. Please let us know if you have any suggestions to make Eco Pet Parcel better, we always love to hear your thoughts.

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Customer Reviews

Eco Pet Parcel

Customer Reviews

Vera 21 September 2021

Lovely products, packaged really well. Definitely be ordering from EPP again!

Neil Griffiths 3 September 2021

Great service as normal!

Kim 30 August 2021

We've had a number of different treats and parcels now, and each time we have been impressed! Lots of care taken in packaging, and we love the little note cards that come with our order. Our dog loves the treats...I think she knows the box is for her! Make a brilliant gift for anyone with a four legged friend.

Ania 25 August 2021

Excellent quality and very quick delivery. Highly recommend

Emily Willis 23 August 2021

There are a great range of products on the site that are all lovely. I ordered some of the new cat products. They arrived really quickly with a cute note, and were brilliant. The cats love them!

Sharon 16 August 2021

Great products that are pet friendly. The room fragrances are as described and are beautiful. I especially like the Roses at the Grand Hotel. I always add some treats for the pup and they are gobbled up. Excellent customer service and I'll be buying more lovely products

ID 9 August 2021

Brilliant products, amazing customer service, and unbelievably fast delivery with safe and eco-friendly packaging. Will definitely buy again!

Neil Griffiths 19 July 2021

Great service in ensuring we receive pre holiday order on time!

Neil Griffiths 11 July 2021

Fabulous small business that deserved to do well due to friendly and efficient service. Thanks

Sandra 11 July 2021

Great customer service.quick delivery.cats love the treats