Day of the Dogs Candle

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Day of the Dogs Candle: This floral scent captures the heart of Kukur Tihar, the Nepalese day of celebration for our four-legged companions.

On the second day of Diwali in the heart of Nepal, exotic floral garlands are lovingly strung together to adorn the neck of every single dog. Scented oils made from precious woods and temple incense are used to anoint their furry heads, showing that every dog is honoured and deeply loved. This life-affirming display of companionship creates an intoxicating perfume of jasmine, frangipani and neroli which fills the air and lifts the spirit. Warmed by the woody undertones of patchouli and balanced by citrus fruit and orange blossom, this scent captures the exotic fragrance, joy and warmth of this magical ‘Day of the Dogs’.

This luxury candle is made from 100% sustainable vegetable wax with the finest perfumes and essential oils to help cover and neutralise odours in the home.

Product size: 180g

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